Criteria for book selection

I.Criteria for book selection
a. outstanding piece of fiction (evidenced in reviews and awards)
b. accessible to many ages
c. introduces an upcoming or lesser known author
d. provides rural counties with an annual live author program
e. encourages the discussion of literature
f. fosters literacy by including target audiences and organizations such as high school students and Literacy Volunteers
g. author available and able to participate in a three-day event
II. Things to consider
a. Does the book open with a sentence/paragraph/chapter that grabs readers?
b. Is the book accessible to teen and emerging readers?
c. What topics could be discussed? Are there enough topics to carry an hour-long discussion?
d. How well-known is this book or author?
e. Are characters thoroughly developed?
f. Does the story move along or lag? What is the length of the book?
g. What elements do you think will appeal to readers/ put readers off?
h. What formats is the book available in?
i. Where does the author live?


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