Q. Does the Tale for Three Counties project feature an author’s debut book?

A. The Tale selection could be a debut novel but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. We chose the debut novels for three of our authors – including Leif Enger, Julia Spencer-Fleming and Hilary Jordan. We tend to choose authors who are well received but lesser known so that we can introduce them to our readers. We have been happy to see the continued achievements of our selected authors after their participation in the Tale program.

Q. Where can I buy a copy of the book?

A. Books are available at the following libraries:
Batavia(Richmond Memorial), Medina (Lee-Whedon Memorial), Perry, and the Genesee Community College Library.The book will also be available at author programs. Your purchase of the Tale book at the public libraries or Genesee Community supports the Tale for Three Counties project.

Q. What can I expect when I attend a book discussion?

A. A book discussion lasts about one hour. A discussion leader will facilitate the discussion by asking questions but will generally let the discussion takes its own course. Additional questions may be posed to keep participants on track or to discuss other topics related to the book.

Q. Do I need to read the book to participate in a book discussion?

A. Because book discussions invite participants to talk about the selected book, it’s very important to have read the book beforehand.

Q. What can I expect when I attend a “Meet the Author” program?

A. The author may read a short excerpt from the book and will talk about the process of writing and publishing the novel. He (or she) may talk about the inspiration behind the book, education and literary background, work schedule, and dealing with editors and publishers. The author will answer audience questions.
The author has been invited as a culmination to the “community-reads” program. He (or she) is not available to meet with individuals about manuscripts or other concerns about writing and being published.

Q. How is a book selected for Tale for Three Counties?

A. The Tale for Three Counties Council meets monthly throughout the year to plan each year’s program. Books for future years are discussed at each meeting. The following criteria are considered for the Tale for Three Counties book:

  • A work of fiction that has positive professional reviews and /or literary awards
  • A book that will appeal to a wide variety of readers, including males and females, teens and adults
  • A book that features topics that can be discussed
  • A book that carries the theme of rural family life and/or New York State history
  • A book whose author is available to visit western New York for this program

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