Tale discussion continues online

March 11, 2006
By Megan Pierson
Daily News Intern

Readers of this year’s “A Tale For Three Counties” book can share their thoughts with each other at any time by going online to the Tale Web site.
A virtual discussion board allows readers to continue discussion of Jennifer Donnelly’s A Northern Light.
“We really like it because it adds another way for people to talk about the book,” said Leslie DeLooze, community services librarian at Richmond Memorial Library, Batavia, who started “Tale” four years ago.
The online forum can be found by following the “virtual discussion board” link at the Tale Web site, www.taleforthreecounties.org.
Visitors of the discussion board can read posted comments, respond to comments, or post their own thoughts about the book.
Ongoing discussions include comments on Donnelly’s writing style and the books main characters.
DeLooze said she hopes readers will see what others have posted and post something themselves. She would like to use the discussion board again next year.
The discussion board was an idea of the Genesee Community College committee.
“It was something we had discussed last year and hadn’t implemented it,” said Tracy Paradis, librarian at GCC’s Alfred C. O’Connell Library. “We made it a priority this year.”
Paradis said the discussion board eliminates time restraints that may prevent readers from visiting discussion groups at their local libraries. It also helps with readers who have additional comments about discussions they have attended.
“People can go back and continue that conversation when it’s convenient for them,” she said.
The discussion board may stay up through April so readers can reflect on the book and the author visits, which are scheduled for March 23 through March 25.
“It’s one place where anyone and everyone can come together,” said Paradis.
Paradis and GCC student Ryan Stehlar customized the discussion board and Stehlar is monitoring it.
Four library book discussions remain. The schedule: 1:30 p.m. Monday at Stevens Memorial Community Library, 146 Main St., Attica; 7 p.m. Monday at Swan Library, 4 North Main St., Albion; 7 p.m. Tuesday at Warsaw Public Library, 130 North Main St., Warsaw; and 7 p.m. Thursday at Woodward Memorial Library, 7 Wolcott St., Le Roy.

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