Tale writing contest winners are named

Posted: Saturday, March 5, 2011 1:00 am

Three of the winners of this year’s “A Tale for Three Counties” community reading project had never entered before. Next week, they will be sitting down with author Hillary Jordan for an intimate discussion of her debut novel “Mudbound,” this year’s selection for the project.

“I read the book and thought it was absolutely wonderful,” said Debra Nanni of Batavia. “They way it was written, with each chapter about a character, made me really get into the book.”

Joining Nanni at next Friday’s lunch will be other first-time winners Sue Briggs of Stafford and Jacquie Billings-Barlow of Perry.

Other winners are Ann Burlingham of Perry, Meghan Hauser of Perry and Dave Stevens of Le Roy; all have previously won the Tale writing contest.

Previously a book review contest, the contest became a writing contest last year when it asked entrants to respond to two questions. That format continues, with readers being asked: how did it make you feel to have six different narrators tell the story, or which character did you find the most likeable and why?

Entries were reviewed by members of the Tale for Three Counties Council Inc. who received copies of the submissions in which the writers’ identity and location were not included. Judges then voted for which entries they liked the best; the six highest vote getters were selected as winners.

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