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By Matt Krueger | Posted: Saturday, January 24, 2015 

Would you like to have lunch with a best-selling author?

If so, you should submit an entry into the “A Tale for Three Counties” review contest.

The “Tale” committee offers a chance each year for a handful of people to join the author for a private lunch and to discuss the book.

This year’s selection is “We Are Called to Rise,” the debut novel from Laura McBride.

The book tells an interweaving story through the voices of its four main characters: Bashkim, an 8-year-old son of Albanian refugees; Avis, a 53-year-old woman struggling with the end of her marriage and the concerns about her soldier son, Nate; Roberta, a court-appointed advocate for children working in the dark side of Las Vegas; and Spec. Luis Rodriguez-Reyes, a soldier who wakes up in the hospital after a traumatic event in Afghanistan.

To enter, readers must answer one of two questions about the book in no more than 150 words. The entries will be judged by the “Tale” committee, and the best will win a spot at the table with the author for lunch, which is scheduled for noon Friday, March 27.

The questions are designed to evoke a more thought-provoking response than just a simple book review.

Leslie DeLooze, adult services librarian at Richmond Memorial Library and co-convener of the “Tale” committee has said that the narrow scope of the questions “allows readers to focus on one element of the book and to write about that rather than giving a plot summary.”

The two questions are:

• The title of the novel is quoted from an Emily Dickinson poem. How do you see characters in this story rising?

• The novel is told from the perspective of four distinct voices. Which voices did you think were easier to relate to and understand? Why?

Send your review to The Daily News c/o Matt Krueger, 2 Apollo Dr., Batavia 14020, or The deadline is 5 p.m. Friday, Feb. 20.

Some of the reviews will be published on the “Tale” website.

Nineteen book discussions for “A Tale for Three Counties” have been scheduled, beginning Feb. 3 and continuing until the author’s visit March 26-28.

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