2010- Marsha Leuer essay

Life at My House

Gestures like wagging my tail, appearing to be excited, and an occasional bark are all I have to let my family know when I am happy.   My family has given me a comfortable place in every room to relax and rest and they love me and treat me as if I am their baby. That is ok by me because sometimes, when they think I’m well behaved, they give me a treat.

On most days, when I’m not too tired to get up early, I have breakfast with the older girl, Jill, but I must wait patiently. Jill cooks eggs and shares some ham with me. She makes sure my food dish is full and asks me if I have enough water, but I can only look at her because my tongue won’t move to answer. Jill allows me into her room as she studies, to lay on top of her warm down comforter if it’s covered with a towel. Sometimes she says, “Enzo, I need a break!” Then she comes over and lays next to me to pet me and smooth out my fur. Jill’s mother, Ellen gets upset when I sneak in there, when Jill’s not home, to lie in my favorite quiet cozy place, but I am confused because they laugh about it and say how cute and smart I am.

Every so often, a new person they call baby Christian, comes to visit for the day. Ellen and another girl Kristina teach him how to walk and drink from a cup using his thumbs. I get to eat the cheerios that he drops on the floor in his missed attempt to get them into his mouth.

On any given afternoon I hear music from a piano. I know each of the names of the people that come to my house to learn about the piano. They say, “Hi Enzo,” and pet me as they pass. By just laying quietly in my spot in the music room, I’ve learned the most basic things, such as where to sit on the piano bench, how to hold my hands when I get my opposable thumbs, and what all those black dots on the paper mean.   Sometimes I cover my ears with my paws and say not that song again! Good thing they can’t hear me. Other times the sounds are pleasant. I aspire to become a pianist when I come back as a person with thumbs.

Now and then my family and I take a hike together and I get to run freely and race the wind. That is when I can spend more time being me before I become somebody else.

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