Essay Contest 2012

Students were invited to write an essay and win lunch with the author.

GCC students participating in A Tale for Three Counties are eligible to enter.

essay_winnersMorgan Buonanno, Yannick Murphy and Tim Velleko

Students were asked to select one of the following questions for their essay:

  1. The life portrayed in The Call is certainly distinctive, but routine is also a part of the family’s daily life, as it is for most of us. Using the same journal style as the book give examples of “calls” and routines in your own life.
  2. It is interesting that the main character, a veterinarian, chooses to hunt when his occupation is helping sick animals. Why do you think this is? What is it about the human mind that allows for these two activities to exist at the same time? Can you point to similar contradictions in your own life?

First place winner:
Morgan Buonanno – read Morgan’s essay

Tied for second place:
John Draper – read John’s essay

Tim Velleko – read Tim’s essay

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